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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

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I3058v01 - LTER-Europe – interim check before the big endspurt...
LTER- Europe - from concept to current status
I3054v05 - ALTER-Net WP I3 final annual report 2008
2008 annual report for Work Package I3 of ALTER-Net, the European project that has been a major driver of the development of LTER-Europe
I3041v18 - Results of 2nd SSC Workshop - Presentation by M. Mirtl
Presentation by Michael Mirtle presenting the results of the second European LTER-Eiurope Scientific Site Coordinators (SSC) Workshop (Donana, January 2008). Covers ideas for standard observations, and also the agreed structure for future SSC meetings.
I3059v01 - Time Plan 2008-2009
Time plan for LTER-Europe activities in 2008-09, presented at meeting in Slovakia, 2008
I3058v07 - Information management
A presentation on the structure of the electronic system that allow LTER and ALTER-Net's information to be accessed by many - Architecture/Ontology/LTER InfoBase.
I3036v04 - Standard observations
Draft list of standard observations for LTER sites
Flyer for Cammini LTER Italy - Switzerland event, Sept 2018
ENVRI-Plus booth programme @ EGU2017
Programme of lunchtime talks at ENVRI-Plus booth, EGU 2017
EGU2017 sessions organised in the frame of ENVRIplus
EGU2017 sessions organised in the frame of ENVRIplus
Changing ecosystems - Opportunities and challenges in integrated research
Conference details
[code needed] - Call for proposals - Open Space at Majorca 2008
A call for presentations of research ideas to be made during the Open Space event, part of the LTER-Europe conference in Majorca, December 2008
Presentation of the VACCIA project - Martin Forsius
Presentation of Zita Izakovičová
Presentation of the Northern LTSER Platform
Presentation Maria Luisa Paracchinia
Presentation LAWA site
Results group work - Singh
Results group work - Elli Groner
Results group work - Chris Boone
Presentation Finnish experience in building a national network - Eeva Furman